Put professional money managers to work - for you – and invest in professionally managed strategies and funds at a fraction of the normal cost.

The Future is fractionalised

Traditionally, to invest in these types of institutional programs you had to invest a minimum of USD 100,000 or more and be qualified as a professional investor.

However, with trademakers you can invest in ‘fractions’ of a typical investment size, giving you access to professionally managed investments and funds at a fraction of the normal minimum investment, but on the same terms as institutional and High Net Worth investors.

A Game Changer

By fractionalising traditional investments, trademakers allows anyone to participate in institutional-grade investment programs on the same terms as the financial giants and professional investors.

Sit back and let the experts trade for you.

The Power of Partnership

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    All trademakers’ programs are managed by professional investment managers, governed and risk managed by our Swiss-regulated mother company JPFS.

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    Our FSC-regulated broker partner, SGT Markets, provides secure custody services for all client assets in all investment programs.

What can I invest in?

Build your own portfolio from a range of programs in different asset classes, including foreign exchange, commodities, equities, cryptocurrencies, and other investment vehicles, including investment accounts and fund structures.

New investment programs are constantly being evaluated, and qualifying programmes are added regularly to trademakers, but only after extensive due diligence by the investment team at JPFS.

Why Invest in Fractionalised Programs?

  • low barrier to entry
  • portfolio diversification
  • access to deeper liquidity from secondary markets
  • invest just a fraction of what you would traditionally have to

JPFS & trademakers

trademakers is our dedicated investment brand, managed by veteran market professionals with proven experience in fund management, advising hedge funds in risk and liquidity management, market analyses as well as technical analyses for banks and brokers.

And it's this experience which we are proud to bring to the exciting new world of fractionalised investments.

Risk Committee

The Risk Committee at JPFS comprises a team of investment professionals with a diversified set of competencies in investment markets. Our Risk team aims to provide institutions and individuals seeking that vital edge with a risk strategy that delivers results.

Swiss Regulated

JP Fund Services S.A has been authorised and regulated under SRO since 2007, and, since 2010, we have been authorised and regulated by Poly Reg, under FINMA.

Sit back and let the experts trade for you.