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The People Vs The Powers?

Omicron: Yet, another variant of the China virus that our governments enjoy using to impose their authority? If you can’t beat them, we should join them.


I was thinking about this and how we promote cryptocurrencies. Perhaps we should be talking less about opportunity and more about fear. Fear is a great motivator, and if you want the public to do what you want, the easiest way to get them moving is to frighten the Hell out of them.


The story that bitcoin has gone from buying a pizza to being worth 60,000 USD, and might double over the next year, is all well and good, but for the masses, it still sounds like brokers selling a trading idea. The story that Bitcoin is a great place to store wealth as its value cannot be diluted by money-printing governments is equally valid.


But is the public buying into this, especially when most struggle to raise enough cash so their children can buy a 1-bedroom apartment? Explaining that Bitcoin is easily transferable and transportable, doesn't mean a lot to people who use credit cards and pay-pal.


And this is Bitcoin! Try having a conversion about Ether or Solano in your local bar or with your hairdresser. It will not be a very long conversation. And, I have tried this myself, mention how much some people are paying for weird and wonderful products offered as NFTs, and quite frankly, the person you are talking to will think you are crazy!


We are all in a very privileged position, a position where we can benefit from an increased interest in Cryptocurrencies and De-Fi. We discuss the business with our colleagues and counterparties endlessly, ensuring we know as much as we can about what is going on in our sector.


The business has grown a lot in the past 5-years. Whilst many have already made a handsome return from being in this industry, time is no longer on our side when it comes to attracting broader public involvement. We are all positive about the business we are working in, and the outlook remains excellent for those in it. But we should not ignore what is happening elsewhere.


The business is under attack from almost every political establishment on the planet. China kicked the business into touch a few weeks ago, and now India is doing the same. These two governments rule over 30% of the world’s population.


The USA is making life very difficult. The EU will be doing the same very soon. The fact is, globalists know that crypto offers more freedom and power to the people, and that is not what they want. Nor what they have been working towards for decades.


Time is running out for us because cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are the future. The only problem is that governments do not have control of the businesses building these technologies, and for them, that is simply unacceptable.


The imposition of rules and regulations on cryptocurrencies is starting to affect how the business is developing, and innovation is being stifled, by people saying: "You can't do that because…” KYC, transparency, anonymity, and a host of other parameters are now part of the equation. And whether the questions are right or wrong, this must be affecting young developers who wish to push the envelope of innovation.


For me, these things, although very annoying, are not the main issue. The main issue is how quickly Central Banks will get their Digital Currencies into the public arena.


We all know BTCs and CBDCs are thoroughly different things. One represents financial freedom, whereas the other represents a loss of people's freedom. We know this, but most of the general public hasn't got a clue.


Most Central Banks are a long way down the road towards introducing and finalizing their digital currencies. Some are testing them out in pilot schemes, and others have entered into partnerships with some of our crypto exchanges, trying to accelerate the rate of development. The clock is ticking.


Moreover, the fact that 90% of the public do not know, or indeed, are kept in the dark about CBDCs, is something perhaps we should exploit. CBDCs will change the way we all live and will give governments complete control over how we live. If people knew more about this, they would be rioting.


That is why governments treat the public like mushrooms, keeping them in the dark and feeding them shit!


I think it is time we fight back!


Governments make a big issue of dubious characters using cryptocurrencies for criminal activities. Maybe it is worth reminding people that El Chapo and the 9/11 terrorists used American dollars. Perhaps we should remind them that the City of London is a center of money-laundering and has been since long before blockchain. Based on their history, are bankers the right people to control and regulate cryptocurrencies?


When CBDCs come into general use - and they will do - governments will be able to monitor every single financial transaction. That will enable our political elite, our masters, to map where we go, what we eat and buy, and how much we spend or save. More importantly, with this knowledge and other data, they can categorize each individual and treat us according to the group they decide to put us in.

Governments could stop us from buying certain products or going to certain places, or indeed, should they so choose, deny us access to any money.


Sorry, Mrs. Johnson, we think you have spent too much money at the hairdresser this year, so due to our government policy on vanity, we will not allow you to spend any more money for the next 2-months. Your card is unacceptable!


That is going to be the future. Of course, CBDCs will not be promoted to the public this way.

The public will be informed about convenience, how this new cashless system will stop robberies, and also that it will reduce bank charges. That is what will be said, and the public will accept it. But we know better, and we know we cannot trust our governments or their advisers?


People are attracted to this business, mainly because of the money involved. And very often we sell our products to the public as a profitable opportunity. Perhaps it's time we focused even more on selling cryptocurrencies as insurance against government overreach and control.


Right now, people are very unhappy about government abuses of power during the Covid pandemic. They are now annoyed about the wasteful abuse of public money. And soon, they will see economic conditions worsen and ask why their governments have been spending trillions on vanity projects. If we explain the downside of CBDCs now, I think the broader public will take note.


What will happen when CBDCs materialize is still unclear, but the potential problems I mentioned are real. Moreover, with over 70% of Central Banks working on these central Bank Digital Currencies, it is time we had a debate in the public arena. And such a debate can only be beneficial for cryptocurrencies.


Cryptocurrencies will not disappear when CBDCs come online. The informed consensus suggests crypto will run parallel with Digital FIAT currencies, and any alternative to CBDCs will become incredibly attractive to an oppressed and controlled population.


We need to fight fire with fire.


If we want a sales pitch, here are a few pointers.

China is the next world power and is becoming massively influential. What is happening there?


A month ago, they outlawed Crypto activity. We all know they are racing to introduce the digital Yuan.

Google has worked with China helping the communists gather information on each private individual's online activity.


In China, cameras are everywhere, and they are using AI to gather more information.

Citizens are "rated|" by their government in regard to them being good citizens. Rewards and penalties are applied accordingly. Yes, this is a communist country, but it is not Cuba, this is the major superpower, and it is getting stronger and more influential.


In the USA, there is no shortage of evidence that the President, Joe Biden, is either directly, or via his son, being paid by the Chinese government. Last week, the US Environment Secretary, John Kerry, received a 1-million dollar share in a Chinese investment company.


Last year Eric Swalwell, the Democrat member of congress, who was very active in the impeachment of Donald Trump, was caught sleeping with a Chinese spy.


And if that is not enough. Joe Biden nominated Saule Omarova for the position of Comptroller of the US Dollar. She is an ex-communist who has written papers on destroying the banking system and forcing everyone to deposit their savings in the Fed.  Of course, she is no fan of cryptocurrencies.


As usual, the EU is acting like a duck. At the surface, it is slow-moving, but we know there is a lot of activity going on under the surface. We know the aspirations of the EU and how it consistently moves towards the Federalization of Europe. We also know it is a very German-centric organization, and the current leaders in Germany have openly declared they wish to accelerate the speed at which power transfers to Brussels. So, it is easier for the Berlin puppet masters to exert and extend their control.


The EU currently has 30-bankers and technocrats examining cryptocurrencies. Plus, we know the digitalization of the Euro is well underway. And there is no need to mention what is happening in Sweden and Ukraine.


Nor is there a need to mention what Suckerbuck is doing at Meta with Diem, nor what Jack Dorsey will be doing now he has stepped down from Twitter. I would not trust either of them as far as I could throw them, nor would most of the people who use their products.


We can continue to make our money, launch new currencies, tokens, and NFTs, But the real growth that we all want to see will be stunted, and the longevity of the business may be severely curtailed, if we do not do our part to expose the power-grab we are all witnessing.




Until next time,
Good Luck and Good Trading