The old man got screwed last week, thank god!

There is nothing worse than an old man in pain, especially a cynical old bastard who is still trying to understand the price of digital monkeys or the value of a few meters of the metaverse.

Apparently, this month these things are worth sweet FA, because everyone is flocking into AI. So much so, that I am sure there is more artificial intelligence than common-sense being used.


Let me touch on these things one by one. First me getting screwed…

I’ve been wrestling with a busted back for the past 6 months, which has not made me the most optimistic bunny in the world. But now that I’ve been screwed back together, the world feels like a better place. The economy might be crap, but the world is fine. And I didn’t need any of Hunter’s White House white powder to make me feel better.


What also caught my attention whilst lying on my back was my favourite pixelated monkeys, something many heralded as the antiques of the future, which was ridiculous hype for much of last year, I couldn’t resist laughing at. Now I see someone called Justine Beiber paid $1.3 million bucks for a monkey, which is now estimated to be worth less than $60-grand. Sorry, but I gotta chuckle.


More importantly, when celebrities lose this kind of money, you really got to think about it. Just because a guy gets paid a lot of money for kicking a ball on a piece of grass, or a girl earns a lot of money wiggling her backside whilst miming words written by someone else, it doesn’t mean these people have a clue about what you should be investing in - all it means is they are paid a lot of money to sell something they, like Mr Beiber have no damn clue about!


Talking of not having a clue, I am sorry, but I can’t resist what’s happening in the White House, which would be hilarious if it wasn’t so shameful. To be very honest, if I thought it would make Joe Biden think any quicker, I would appreciate a few white lines in the Oval Office, but as we all know, Joe is a lost cause, so with so many embarrassing people in his administration, why should we expect his family not to embarrass him. What a god darn mess!


And now we are seeing more crap in Europe. Christine Lagarde was moved from the IMF to the ECB, when she clearly displayed questionable morals. And now Joe Biden has proposed Van Der Leyen to become the next boss of NATO, which, as she was the most disastrous defence minister Germany ever had, is really hardly a surprise. Jobs for the boys and jobs for the girls - that’s real equality.


But let’s get back to the point of this writing. Markets and money.


I am surprised about the recent strength in the equity markets, and whilst I like being wrong if it means the economy is looking better, this strength doesn’t fill me with confidence. I don’t want to piss on anyone’s cornflakes, but there is no growth in our economy, there is no reduction in debts, and if the next best thing to be innovated is another AI designed, mid-journey pixelated monkey, we might as well surrender now!


The fact is that nothing is real, and unlike in the olden days there is nothing today which you can buy for a long-term investment. Berkshire Hathaway did it their way. George Soros destroyed countries to make his dough, and most of your other investment heroes lived through times which have nothing to do with what’s going on today, so don’t try to copy what happened in the past.


I am an old man, I traded through the 70s, the 80s the 90s and every boom and bust since 1974, but what is happening today is incomparable with previous events…I know we like to compare, but we simply cannot. The world is changing, we have to work out what that means, is it Bitcoin or is it CBDC? Is the future AI or is the future the BRIC nations?


Heaven forbid, the future might even be Kackling Kamala!


But there is one thing that is certain, and that is we will keep on trying to help our investors dodge the numerous bullets that are undoubtedly on their way.


We might be right, or we might be wrong, but unlike most things going on in the world right now, we ain’t going to bullshit anyone!


And that my friends is better than most things on offer!


Until next time.

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