Peter Kristensen - trademakers

The Future of Finance

How will technology change the way we trade, invest and pay? Peter Kristensen addresses these questions and evaluates the impact of digital assets on investors' portfolios in an interview with TradersDNA.

As more central banks, large institutions adopt dedicated crypto policies, and we see huge upswells in the number of private individuals who own or are planning to own digital currencies or another digital asset, the world is ramping up for its next leap forward into a new tech-driven financial world.

Can we harness the power of digital to create new trading and investment opportunities for more regular folks, and not just the big finance houses? We believe so, and that's why we built trademakers. A home for the digital curious as well as savvy portfolio managers to piggy back on the experience and performance of professional traders. This development away from individuals buying and selling digital assets for speculative gain, is what trademakers offers - the chance to participate in digital investment programs run and managed by experienced market veterans, underpinned by rigorous risk management policies and tools.

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