The Power of Partnerships

Partnerships are fundamental to how we operate at JPFS. Through partnerships we continue to develop relationships that deliver proven investment strategies for our partners individual and institutional clients.

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JPFS aims to reward our clients with strong investment performance, underpinned by robust risk management policies through building long-term partnerships with great investment providers.

Program Managers


Program managers and investment strategists must display the qualities of transparency and a dedicated focus on risk management before they start working with JPFS.

To determine if the program or strategy is suitable for inclusion in JPFS’s investment offerings, we assess each of these questions with every prospective manager we engage with:


We work closely with crypto exchanges to introduce investment programs that exchanges wish to offer as managed accounts and advisory services to their private and institutional clients.


Exchanges must have adaptable API connections, long and short facilities, a high level of Due Diligence on KYC/AML procedures and top level of custodian access or in-house custodian technology. All exchanges we work with must also have all of the licenses required to operate an exchange in the jurisdiction it is based in/regulated by.

We do not compromise on safety, licensing or regulatory status, and neither should you.


JPFS can provide a suite of proven investment strategies either as a stand-alone trading strategy, or a combined Multi-Select Strategy within the digital currency market.


JPFS has built up a large international network and client databases which can be made available to the exchanges we partner with to help them acquire more business to the benefit of all parties involved.


Access to diversified programs and strategies is central to our promise to our clients. As such, JPFS works actively with qualifying custodian banks and institutions to enable our clients to participate in investments from the security of their existing custodian provider.


Are you looking to scale your business and accelerate growth? Would you like to offer your clients a fully managed investment portfolio, or a tailored advisory service? JPFS provides qualifying brokers with direct access to our vetted investment programs, automated reporting tools and a compelling commercial model.


As a regulated Swiss financial services company, JPFS offers marketing experts an opportunity to confidently promote our solutions to individual investors as well as institutions across the world.

Partner marketing professionals can achieve long-term revenues across all our investment programs working with JPFS. If you are an affiliate marketer, media specialist, email marketing pro or a strategic marketing agency, we'd love to hear from you.

JPFS is actively seeking marketing partners to work with in Europe, South America, North America, Africa and Asia.