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The Open Business Council is launching MARKET VIEWS, a new video-driven series exploring the themes that matter to all of us -  financial wellbeing, how the markets affect us, investment strategies that deliver, the fuels of the future, and lots more beside.


This first episode is an interview with Dinis Guarda, the founder and chairman of OBC and Peter Kristensen, Co-CEO of JPFS.


In this episode, the two founders reveal why they have come together to create a new channel for people looking to take charge of their financial wellbeing, and an introduction to some of the tools we can all use to trade and invest in the markets more effectively.

Watch Episode 1: MARKET VIEWS

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openbusinesscouncil is a global digital certification directory and marketplace working with business networks, governments, tech ecosystems, leading universities, and organisations.


The hosts for this sharp new series are Hilton Supra, Vice Chairman of the Ztudium Group and Adam Hill, Co-CEO of JPFS.

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