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The Future of Finance

How will technology change the way we trade, invest and pay? Peter Kristensen addresses these questions and evaluates the impact of digital assets on investors' portfolios...
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Chapter 13 – Monitoring Your Investments

Once you have constructed your portfolio you will need to monitor it to make sure it is performing as you had hoped and that you are...
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Chapter 12 – Past Performance VS. Future Potential

While you will no doubt have seen many notices about past performance being no guide to the future, you should certainly consider how an investment you...
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Chapter 11 – What are Emerging Markets?

In investment terms, emerging markets are those countries whose financial markets are less developed, and where investor protection and the overall market infrastructure is often weaker...
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Chapter 10 – Build Your Own “Synthetic ETF”

First of all, a “synthetic ETF (exchange-traded fund)” allows portfolio managers and investors to select managed account structures from within the same asset class but with...
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Chapter 9 – Exchange-Traded Funds / Indices

Another “passive” option is exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which may be listed on a stock exchange and traded in the same way as you trade shares. Buyers...
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Chapter 8 – Understanding Risk

Risk is one of the most important components of all kinds of investing – but risk can also be a complicated issue. There are many measures...
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Chapter 7 – Self-Managed vs. Managed Portfolio Solutions

Confident and experienced investors may be content to do their own research and to choose their own placements and allocations. Others prefer someone to do it...
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Chapter 6 – Why is diversification important?

The philosophy behind portfolio diversification is that if one investment performs poorly, you will always have others that will, ideally, not be performing badly at the...
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Chapter 5 – How to Choose a Platform?

Executing your investment goals should not be difficult which is why we recommend selecting a platform or company to work with according to how easy it...
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Chapter 4 – Why use a financial advisor or an investment guide?

An experienced financial adviser can help you plan your investment portfolio for future profits making sense of the jungle of investment options, risk profiles and markets....
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Chapter 3 – Your Investment Horizon

Typically, the longer your investment horizon is, the more aggressive you can be with your investments (depending on the products, programs and strategies you are considering)....
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Chapter 1 – Investing with JPFS

Everyone knows what investing is, but what are people actually doing when they invest? Fortunately, the world of investing is actually very straightforward and easy to...
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Chapter 2 – Risks and its Implications

To earn a better rate of return than you would expect from a savings account, you need to accept more risk. That means getting comfortable with...
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