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Chapter 5 – How to Choose a Platform?

Executing your investment goals should not be difficult which is why we recommend selecting a platform or company to work with according to how...

Chapter 4 – Why use a financial advisor or an investment guide?

An experienced financial adviser can help you plan your investment portfolio for future profits making sense of the jungle of investment options, risk profiles...

Chapter 3 – Your Investment Horizon

Typically, the longer your investment horizon is, the more aggressive you can be with your investments (depending on the products, programs and strategies you...

Chapter 1 – Investing with JPFS

Everyone knows what investing is, but what are people actually doing when they invest? Fortunately, the world of investing is actually very straightforward and...

Chapter 2 – Risks and its Implications

To earn a better rate of return than you would expect from a savings account, you need to accept more risk. That means getting...