The Old Man’s Views

Never underestimate the power of small people with a good idea and a few cans of beer!

Usually, when I am about to write, I typically have a list of 3 or 4 topics that I can choose from and decide what to write based on the latest news.

It can be funny, miserable sarcastic, or a combination of all three depends how I'm feeling and where I am writing.

Currently, I'm in the UK, discussing a project on something which happened 50-years ago, when a tiny, neglected part of London, called the Isle of Dogs, declared itself independent from the rest of the UK.

Most people do not know of this event, but it caused a bit of a stir back in 1970 when for 10-days, I was the son of the Prime Minister of the Independent State of the Isle of Dogs.

This "separatist movement" was a bit of a joke, thought up by a few concerned people. However, others started to take it seriously, and it ultimately led to the development of Canary Wharf, which some of you will now know well.

I can imagine that when Satoshi Nakamoto sat with a few buddies planning Bitcoin and laughing about how it would shake the global financial system, even they - in their wildest dreams - never realised just how important cryptocurrencies would become.

Can you imagine how they must have laughed while writing their first ideas? "Hey, we can destroy the banks, the dollar and the brokerage industry, and if it works, we can buy new cars, or we can all take our girlfriends to Paris!"


Never underestimate the power of small people with a good idea and a few cans of beer!


Sure, we all take it a lot more seriously today, but there is no question about it; Crypto and De-Fi people are more laid-back and have more fun than any investing group I can remember.


Those making millions out of this business are happy, but so are those young students speculating for the first time. They seem to be looking at investing in cryptocurrencies simply as games with prizes.


As an old political junkie, I had hoped to see Bitcoin and crypto shake our political and financial systems. And I have written comments promoting investment ideas that dissect what is happening and suggest what might happen in the future., But this week, I'd like to ease back because events are changing so rapidly that the world might no longer exist by the time this is published (if you believe what you see on TV).


There is a world of hurt going on right now, Ukraine, Biden in the White House, massive inflation, and potential shortages of vital commodities.

Governments and central bankers are sitting in some dark cellar, looking at the shit they caused, scheming, and plotting.

They are working on ways to raise taxes and steal our inheritance because, in their mind, it is our moral duty to pay for their fuck-up's!


But, life must go on.


We cannot change what the jackasses in government do or say, we cannot stop our freedoms from being diluted or our wealth stolen by idiots.

But perhaps, if we stopped treating all this shit too seriously and started to look at things that made us laugh and giggle. Then maybe someone somewhere might come up with a stupid idea that will eventually lead us away from our problems, lead us away from unnecessary poverty, away from evil controlling influences and bring back more fun into our lives.


Older men in Moscow, China, Brussels or Washington simply do not laugh enough, so how can they build us a brighter, better future.

They might be good at sending rockets into war zones and making mistakes that other people pay for, but they are not good at anything else. Therefore, the more youthful generation must stop taking the knee and start taking the lead.


None of us benefits from expansionism, and no one wants any more debt piled on our heads by greedy conniving politicians.


Moreover, we don't need more archaic rules and regulations imposed, which only stifle innovation.


All we want is to make money, have a few laughs, and boast about our silly looking pixelated monkey or Punk, without Big Brother taking more than he deserves.


I am sorry to bang this drum again, but what makes a politician an expert on Proof of work?

They are the last people to know what this means. And as they don't, how on earth are they allowed a vote on regulating our industry?


We live in a crazy world, getting crazier by the minute. The lunatics are literally running the asylum.


The solution must be to stop giving the lunatics more power.

We don't need to see more bombs dropped, more economies crashed, or people's energy and food bills going through the roof.


I would like to see sanctions lifted and see us, as a community, reaching out to Russian and Ukrainian individuals, using our community to bring people together, rather than allow politicians to use us to make life more difficult for each other.

Believe it or not, the whole concept of the EU was to create a system where we could trade with fewer rules and barriers because increased trading leads to fewer wars.


I know it’s difficult to say in the current environment, but we need fewer rules and barriers, and a lot more people laughing with each other, at each other, and more importantly at themselves!