Multi Diversified FX Portfolio Performance – March 2024

Multi Diversified FX Strategy (MDFX) currency portfolio is based on 10 different strategies allocated to Systematic, Quant, Algo and Break-Out strategies.

Multi Diversified FX Strategy (MDFX)
February 2024: Net +1.16%
March 2024: Net +1.09%
Year to Date: Net +2.57%
Since Inception: Net +91.57%

The MDFX portfolio contains 10 different strategies divided between Systematic, Quant and Algo styles. As we mentioned in last month’s update, MDFX was 85% invested during most of 2023 but this has increased in 2024 to 96%. The reason for this is that we expect a potentially volatile FX market which should generate new opportunities for creating alpha.


For several months now we have been tracking several new strategies. If approved by the risk team at JPFS, these may be added to the MDFX portfolio in line with our stated goal of having between 15 and 17 diversified strategies in 2024.


Last year, our portfolio generated a result of Net +7.81% with a max monthly drawdown of Net -2.32%.

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