JPFS Media Centre

Here you can download the materials you need from us for press and media releases, or you can contact a representative for more information or to discuss your media questions.

Our Logo

This is the first logo to choose when referencing JP Fund Services, unless the logo is being used on an uncomplimentary background (i.e. one that makes it illegible for example). If you are using the logo on a dark background, please use the alternate asset.

The Glyphs

If space is an issue, you should use one of these glyphs. There is not always enough horizontal space for our main logo so this is your secondary option.

True Colours

This is the main colour palette for JP Fund Services. We like to keep things simple, ambitious and transparent.

  • jpfs_colours_chili

    Chili Red

    Hex: #C21807
    RGB: 194, 24, 7
    CMYK: 16, 100, 100, 7

  • jpfs_colours_blackink

    Black Ink

    Hex: #181818
    RGB: 24, 24, 24
    CMYK: 73, 67, 65, 79

  • jpfs_colours_transparent_white

    Clear White

    Hex: #FFFFFF
    RGB: 255, 255, 255
    CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0

  • jpfs_colours_gunmetal

    Gun Metal

    Hex: #5A5D5A
    RGB: 90, 93, 90
    CMYK: 63, 53, 56, 27

Media Contact

Media & Marketing

Adam Hill