JPFS Launches Risk-Balanced FX Portfolio for Private Investors

FX is a key component in any investment portfolio. It’s an alternative asset class, with higher risk levels than stocks but more volatility which can help increase investor returns (even if the same volatility can also increase the risks).

Our latest investment - Multi-Diversified FX Portfolio - is a risk-balanced portfolio of 11 FX strategies rolled into one, and we are delighted to add this program to trademakers, our fractionalised investment platform.


CEO Peter Kristensen says:

‘This FX portfolio sources and implements a number of different trading strategies offering investors a program seeking enhanced returns, but which is diversified and uncorrelated to other traditional and alternative programs.’


Multi-Diversified FX Portfolio was launched in January 2020, and has achieved an average monthly gross performance of 2.05% ever since.


With the public launch of the Multi-Diversified FX Portfolio, 99% of all investors can now invest in professionally managed strategies and programs, from just $5,000 via trademakers. Previously, these kinds of investments were out of reach for many investors because of the high minimums required to participate.

You can discover more about the Multi-Diversified FX Portfolio, its performance, and the team behind it on

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