Introducing Fractionalised Investments

In episode 3 of MARKET VIEWS, we’re exploring fractionalised investments.

What they are, how they work and why fractionalised investing is allowing ordinary everyday investors to invest their money in professionally managed investment programs, for the first time!


Normally, to invest in a professional investment program built and managed by seasoned professional investment managers, you needed to be a professional investor (which meant you needed to have 100s of thousands of pounds to invest, and to be ‘qualified’ by a regulatory authority to be able put your money in the hands of market experts).


In this episode, Peter Kristensen and me, Adam Hill, (Co-CEOs of JPFS, the Swiss investment firm behind trademakers) discuss how being able to invest a ‘fraction’ of what’s normally required is enabling private individuals with a few thousand pounds, dollars or euros to invest on the same terms and conditions and High Net Worth individuals, family offices and major financial institutions.


Don’t miss this if you are looking for alternatives to peer-to-peer copy trading and single stock investments or just interested in seeing where the private investment market is heading.

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