How Stablecoins Will Accelerate Digital Currency Adoption

Meet Jack Nikogosian and Morten Nielsen from ARYZE, a fintech company headquartered in Denmark turning analogue (dumb) money into programmable (smart) money.

Joined by Peter Kristensen, CEO of JPFS, episode 13 explains how stablecoins and blockchain technologies will accelerate digital currency adoption.


Jack Nikogosian, CEO at ARYZE explains how stablecoins can help improve financial inclusion levels across the world and reduce Anti-Money Laundering (AML) in financial transactions.


Morten Nielsen, CFO at ARYZE demonstrates how far advanced the use and application of stablecoins already is, how it can reduce money transfer times and costs and increase the money-holder’s control of their own funds.


Peter Kristensen, CFO at SGT:

ARYZE is a great initiative that can finally bring clarity, transparency and security to individuals and businesses who want to migrate their financial transactions to blockchain tech and the operational efficiencies of stablecoins. It’s 102% backed, which means that is probably the most secure stablecoin in the world.’

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