Growth Diversified Portfolio Performance – March 2024

The March 2024 result for our Growth Diversified Strategy (GDS) portfolio was NET 1.63% and is in line with our annual goal of between 15-20% net gains. In the first quarter of 2024, the non-compounded NET result was 6.05%. Since inception Net 79.65% (non-compounded YoY).

Growth Diversified Strategy (GDS), Alternative investment portfolio based on 17 strategies allocated to 6 different asset classes.

Growth Diversified Strategy (GDS)
February 2024: 3.49%
March 2024: 1.63%
Year to Date: 6.05%
Since Inception: 79.65% (Non-compounded YoY)
Sharpe Ratio: 3.85
Sortino: 17.64

GDS is purely invested in alternative strategies, there are no long-only traditional stocks in the portfolio. GDS had a minor allocation to a digital asset index and benefited from the bull run in February and March 2024. As a result, the risk team decided to reduce the allocation slightly to allow time to review prevailing market conditions for this index.


After many months of tracking, we are adding a few more CTA strategies to increase the portfolio’s diversification, which is why GDS was only 98.5% invested in the month of March.


There are now 17 strategies in the portfolio diversified across 6 different asset classes (see presentation attached).


We are monitoring the market very closely especially with regards to the Chinese Real Estate market, that will have an influence across the world. The upcoming US election will also have an influence as will many upcoming national elections in multiple countries in the West.


We believe that 2024 could be a year we all will remember like 1987, 2000 and 2007. Our philosophy is when crises appear, there are opportunities to capitalise on which is what GDS was designed to take advantage of.

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