Digital Wealth Management



Digital assets are exploding in value and popularity as central banks, blue chip firms, institutional players and private investors extend the boundaries of this new investment landscape.


The market capitalisation of cryptocurrencies stands at about $440 billion, and is already stabilising and maturing, attracting new investors, fresh, additional liquidity which in turn generates more opportunities.


The complexity of this market as well as the lack of regulations, minimal security of funds and a shortage of audited investment programs concern many investors and prevent them from participating in digital assets, but that is changing fast.

We Bring

wealth management solutions for digital assets

We Bring

wealth management solutions for digital assets

JPFS provides simplified access to diversified investment opportunities, with a range of risk parameters, from a number of qualifying program managers and the protection of a secure, Swiss-regulated environment. This allows private and institutional investors to participate with confidence in the unstoppable rise of digital wealth.

trademakers is our dedicated digital wealth brand, managed by veteran market professionals with proven experience in fund management, advising hedge funds in risk and liquidity management, market analyses as well as technical analyses for banks and brokers. And it's this experience which we are proud to bring to the exciting new world of digital investments.


TM Digital (Discretionary)

TM Digital (Discretionary) is an investment strategy that has averaged 13.7% monthly growth since August 2018. This strategy is professional, simple & automated with stable performance, and 78.82% of all trades generating profits.


FX Multi Core

Since May 2015, the FX Multi Core Program has generated annualised returns in excess of 16.92% excluding fees. The program results have easily outperformed the major equity and hedge fund indices, on both returns and risk volatility.


Cromwell FX

Since January 2014, the Cromwell FX Program has generated annualised returns in excess of 15%. The program results have easily outperformed many others programs, on both returns and risk volatility.


Risk Mitigation

Everyone’s money deserves respect, along with the best tools and proven expertise to minimise risk, and achieve long-term performance:

No Leverage

The digital markets are volatile enough to produce opportunities, without increasing your risk needlessly through leveraged trading, which is why we seek to avoid unnecessary leverage across our offerings.

Swiss Regulated

JP Fund Services S.A has been authorised and regulated under SRO since 2007, and, since 2010, we have been authorised and regulated by Poly Reg, under FINMA.

20% Exposure

Our digital investment programs are governed by a robust set of risk management policies. Our aim is to ensure trade sizes are limited to approximately 20% of the invested amount, per individual position taken. Some programs however might divert from the above depending on the risk strategy selected.

Risk Committee

The Risk Committee at JPFS comprises a team of investment professionals with a diversified set of competencies in investment markets. Our Risk team aims to provide institutions and individuals seeking that vital edge with a risk strategy that delivers results.

Sit back and let the experts trade for you.