Chapter 5 – How to Choose a Platform?

Executing your investment goals should not be difficult which is why we recommend selecting a platform or company to work with according to how easy it is to use their website and investment portal. You should also consider the costs and quality of guidance and customer service you receive, as well as the range of investment choices available. Some platforms specialize in specific investment segments like FX or digital currencies, and some in more traditional investments. Choosing a platform or entity which offers good value for money gives you the power to diversify and boost your investments. It is almost mission impossible to find one entity or platform that gives you access to all markets, so focus first of all on the investment types you’d like to make and then search for platforms or companies that can help you achieve your aims, or are specialists in the investment segments you are interested in.


There are many differences in costs between companies and their platforms. The value of your investments will/can vary enormously depending on how you manage your money over the course of a year. Depending on the strategies you choose, there will be differences in costs. Other factors include whether will you be trading or switching from one product or position frequently as this can increase your costs significantly. Also, consider whether the placement will be for the long-term or short term. Long-term investments carry with them entry fees and exit fees too and may also include a lock-up period during which you cannot withdraw your money.


Some of the more expensive platform services may reflect the added research facilities and their focus on higher quality customer service, while the no-frills brands are cheaper but offer fewer useful extras. Exit fees can be high, so it’s worth doing some investigation before you get started with your investments.


We recommend having more than one platform, depending on the expertise of the entity you wish to work with. Some are proficient at helping clients invest in emerging markets, foreign exchange, stock picking, bonds, funds and some have specialized in digital currencies, such as TRADEMAKERS. We have experience with all top-tier platforms in the space, and can assist in navigating between these platforms and to make referrals to these platforms. Our approach is based on openness, transparency and a proven track record.