Aryze to Launch Digital Cash, a new stable coin

Danish Fintech Aryze to launch digital cash, a new stable coin

ARYZE is a Danish fintech working to change the way the world uses money by it digital, direct and dynamic. And now, with a new fund-raising round, they have secured DKK5.8 million (USD 921K) and the funding round was 29% oversubscribed, and ARYZE is breaking the record as the fastest funding ever closed on the Danish Investor's Network, KEYSTONES.

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ARYZE raises DKK 5.8 million in a late seed round to launch Digital Cash, a Full-Reserve Stablecoin.

As part of its journey to fundamentally transform the way payments are made, ARYZE has just raised DKK 5.8 million in a hybrid 1 to 5 equity / STO token issuance. The funding round was 29% oversubscribed, and ARYZE is breaking the record as the fastest funding ever closed on the Danish Investor's Network, KEYSTONES.

ARYZE´s innovative hybrid investment model offered a combination of traditional equity investment and regulated token financing as part of a larger $15 million hybrid funding round.

Morten Christorp Nielsen, CFO & Co-Founder ARYZE:

“It has once again been a great pleasure to work with the Keystones network to close about 50% of our total funding – The process with KeyStones was approached, structured and managed very professionally. Notably, the successful closure with the KEYSTONES network has shown that investors are more ready than ever to embrace investments involving tokenization of assets and cash flows – the transformation which fundamentally will revolutionize the way we manage, handle and access everything from financial services and products to investment.”

The raised funds will be used to launch the RYZE STO token on carefully selected exchanges during the next months. Additionally, funds will also be used to take a big step forward in the strategic acquisition of banks’ assets to integrate effortlessly with the traditional banking world and issue proxy USD and other stablecoins with regulated DeFi extensions. Simultaneously securing a backend credit risk-free bank infrastructure to integrate digital services into a regulated world of traditional banking.

About ARYZE:

ARYZE is building a full-reserve bank based on regulated cloud-native banking software, together with important partners like Episode Six and IBM. With the successful completion of the funding round, ARYZE can, among others, launch their first product offering, Digital Cash, an exchange-traded stablecoin backed by assets issued by central banks.

ARYZE is on its way to becoming an established global payment solution provider and creating a new financial ecosystem that tackles complex issues such as financial exclusion.

What our investors say:

“ARYZE has the potential to become the new Amazon of payments. I strongly believe in the project of building a bridge between the old traditional finance world and the new digitalized world by creating a full reserve cloud regulated digital bank combined with blockchain technology.”

Steen Møller Jensen, Lead Investor KEYSTONES

“I am very interested in sustainability and impact investments, particularly within fintech. I was fascinated by the concept´s ability to disrupt fragmented and inefficient payment systems. Most importantly for me is the vital impact ARYZE will have on significantly reducing remittance fees.”

Per Frederiksen, Investor KEYSTONES

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