Alternative Wealth Management

JPFS provides individual and institutional investors with pure alpha-seeking strategies, derived from alternative investment assets, engineered around several asset classes, primarily:

Foreign Exchange, Digital Assets, Equity Indices, Commodities, Precious Metals, Private Placements & Renewable Energy.

Strategies are executed using a number of financial instruments within a regulated framework or investment vehicle.

By creating and sourcing a stable of unique investment strategies, which are diversified from, and uncorrelated to the broader market, we aim to deliver robust investment opportunities for our private and institutional clients.

Strategies sourced from external managers/traders will be verified using quantitative and qualitative analysis ensuring the integrity of the data. Additionally, investment portfolios will be created and monitored for improved returns, with robust and personalised risk controls.

What is Alternative Wealth Management?

Alternative investments were once considered an exclusive class of investments, but the increase in the number and variety of these investments has turned them into powerful tools to help investors diversify their holdings, reduce volatility and generate significant returns.

Alternative VS. Traditional Investments

Bespoke as Standard

We are a niche group that does not take shortcuts on quality when it comes to providing advice or investment suggestions. Each investors’ risk appetite and time horizon is different, which is why our recommendations are adapted to each investor’s goals and concerns.

What are you looking for from your investments? What is your investment horizon? What concerns need be considered when building your portfolio? These are all standard questions that are important, but they are just the starting point.

We like to be different. We don’t ask managers how much they generate in profit; we ask how big the risk is in their strategies if everything were to go wrong. If that risk is acceptable, then we believe the profits will come.

Investing in Alternatives

When you choose to invest in alternatives, our strict 5-point promise sets you on the right path:


1. Discovery Process

We consider an individualised risk profile as the starting point of the investment process. This serves as both a blueprint and a report card. We start by listening to your ambitions, and through dialogue we will identify your goals, values, and concerns. Based on this, and your risk tolerance to market exposure, we will define the key objectives for your placement strategy and the corresponding risk parameters.


2. Investment Strategy

Our investment philosophy and overall approach is developed from our own risk management controls and diversification models, with a short-term or long-term perspectives depending on the ambitions of the individual investor. Our aim is to customise your investment strategy to achieve your goals within the agreed risk parameters.


3. Strategy Execution

Once the strategy has been developed and the assets have been successfully transferred to the dedicated accounts with Banks / Brokers, we will set up online account view-only access for you.


4. Reports & Insights

We are always ready to update you on the strategy, and its performance. You will receive regular statements online and via email, as well as, from time to time, reports containing market commentaries and investment insights from our Alternative Investment team.


5. Our Promise to You

We are open and honest about all aspects of our relationship with our clients. We are aligned with their interests as faithful partners of your placement and wealth, and we continually strive to maintain the loyalty, integrity, and personalisation that our clients deserve.