Active, Engaged & Informed

JP Fund Services has always aimed to make a positive difference to our clients by creating solutions that help them achieve their long-term investment objectives.

Investment Management Services

JPFS is an Investment Advisory Management company providing financial solutions to private and corporate clients. Operating from our offices in Nyon, Switzerland, JPFS provides the full range of investment management services, including multi-asset portfolio management, FX asset management, risk management and liquidity management.

Specialist FX Advisory Services

Within JPFS we have a specialist FX Advisory Group, whose principals have over 100 years of combined financial markets expertise to draw on. The FX Advisory Group provides managed accounts, currency overlay services and risk management solutions.

An Experienced Team

Each partner has extensive experience at leading financial institutions and maintains a specific expertise in trading, portfolio management, risk analysis, and technology. Consequently, JPFS is able to provide its clients with comprehensive and specialized investment solutions.

Key Connections

JPFS works exclusively with major international banks, sovereign wealth funds, fund of funds, FX Brokers, HNW/UHNW clients and family offices.

What We Stand For

We're guided by a disciplined internal culture, and a firm set of principles that ensure we never forget why we are here – to respect everyone’s money by helping more people invest confidently and safely in their future. In brief, we’re old-school: investors and clients come first.


Accessible, diversified wealth management opportunities for private individuals, corporations and financial institutions.


To introduce investors to risk-balanced investment programs within digital assets and alternative asset management markets.


JPFS combines best practices from traditional finance as well as digital asset trading to deliver wealth management that works.

The Team

We all have a role to play in driving the company's growth and delivering measurable value to our clients. We believe that our complementary strengths are critical to our success. Discover more about the backgrounds and accomplishments of our individual team members.

Executive Leadership


The Team

Strategic Advisor
Head of Alternatives
Head of Project Finance
Head of Operations (Alternatives)
Strategic Advisor
Senior Market Analyst
Business Development

Our Star Values

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    We've made it simple for our clients to enjoy access to high-performing investment programs regardless of their risk appetite.

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    We build trust through transparency, by communicating our decisions, fees and products clearly & unambiguously at all times.

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    A relentless dedication to building profitable outcomes for everyone, while protecting the downside through rigorous risk management.

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    We treat our clients' money exactly as we treat our own. By investing our capital alongside our clients' capital, we share our clients' risks and rewards every time.