Simplicity, Transparency, Ambition & Respect

JPFS is an international investment firm, headquartered in Switzerland, serving both private and institutional clients since 2005.

Who We Are

Our experienced team of financial professionals seeks to develop new ideas and analyses that drive new perspectives, new products and new paths to growth for our clients.

At JPFS, we invest our capital alongside our clients' capital.

What We Do

We develop investment solutions for institutions, financial professionals and individuals across the world, all underpinned by a rigorous risk management policy.


Our investment programs range from emerging digital assets to traditional, alternative asset management, while offering a modern and efficient solution for investors to take control of their portfolio, and to build their wealth safely and robustly.

What We Offer


Simple, direct access to digital wealth management investments and tailored to individual risk appetites.


Pure alpha-seeking strategies and programs from alternative investment assets and asset classes.

What We Stand For

We're guided by a disciplined internal culture, and a firm set of principles that ensure we never forget why we are here – to respect everyone’s money by helping more people invest confidently and safely in their future.

In brief, we’re old-school: investors and clients come first.

First Principles


Accessible, diversified wealth management opportunities for private individuals and institutions.


To introduce investors to risk-balanced investment programs within digital assets and alternative asset management markets.


For private and institutional investors looking to build stable growth, we combine best practices from traditional finance as well as digital asset trading to deliver wealth management that works.

Our Proposition

Make Every Trade Count

Executive Leadership

Peter has an accumulated financial markets experience of over 35 years. His career began with a small Danish bank in...
Adam is a marketing strategist with over 25 years’ experience helping financial services companies and other...
Experienced Director with a long history of working in the financial services industry, with particular focus on Management...

North America

Digital Portfolio Strategies
Mike Kelley began his professional career right out of high school when he was selected to join the police academy at the...
Business Development
Steve has a diverse professional background that has laid the foundations for his experience in leadership roles within the...
Strategic Advisor
Martyn is a highly experienced financial services professional specialising in managing trading and sales teams...


Head of Alternatives
Mikkel is a progressive investment professional with a blend of experience in working with top-tier level banks...
Head of Operations (Alternatives)
Mike is the Chief Operating Officer and Partner at CTA Strategies. He has more than 20 years’ experience in the...
Strategic Advisor
With more than 25 years’ experience at senior management level within the financial industry, Pedro has also developed...
Senior Market Analyst
Tony Westfallen began his career in 1974, when he was a 17-year-old boy, employed by Merrill Lynch in the City of London. He is a trained...
Business Development
Started in 1992 in the Danish Midas Fondsmæglerselskab A/S, which later became Saxo Bank. Kurt is a financial director...

Our Star Values


We've made it simple for our clients to enjoy access to high-performing investment programs regardless of their risk appetite.


We build trust through transparency, by communicating our decisions, fees and products clearly & unambiguously at all times.


A relentless dedication to building profitable outcomes for everyone, while protecting the downside through rigorous risk management.


We treat our clients' money exactly as we treat our own. By investing our capital alongside our clients' capital, we share our clients' risks and rewards every time.